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The PsyK- Life® is a registered mental health organization which was founded by Ms. Kirti Garg who is a psychologist by profession in the year 2020. The PsyK- Life is a safe space where we advocate about mental health, normalize therapy, destigmatize mental illness and reach out to masses. In almost three years, we have already impacted over 10,000 people through various awareness programs, workshops, trainings, mental health camps and more. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, The PsyK- Life was one of the major initiative that focused on providing free help to people all over the country. This included our free self care sessions, meditation classes, free mental health helpline services to people in crises, to name a few.

Here at The PsyK- Life, we not only talk about taboo topics, share free resources around psychology, advocate mental health but also provide trainings, courses, diplomas, internships and more educational services to budding psychologists and mental health professionals. We provide trainings to organizations around various life skills like empathy building, stress management, team building, specialized well-being programs around meditation, yoga, etc. We are also building India’s first mental health store with useful and accessible products aiming at our holistic wellness.

One of our major services include Therapy sessions with our founder and Counseling Psychologist, Ms. Kirti Garg and team of other mental health professionals. We provide affordable online counseling sessions and therapy. Clients with issues like relationship conflicts, self growth, dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, mental disorders, and more have been taking professional help from us and the recovery rate speaks for itself.


The PsyK- Life is working towards four major areas of work in order to contribute to the community.

Our first pillar is focused around Advocacy for Mental Health. Since our inception, we have raised voices around various mental health related issues like de-stigmatizing mental illnesses, awarenes around bullyig, body shaming, parenting, stress, anxiety, advocating for therapy, LGBTQ+ rights to name a few.

In order to raise awareness we have organised several workshops, webinars, camps, programs and even a grand Mental health Awareness Walk.

Today, we are successfully running our own National Mental Health Helpline and helping people in distress. You can connect at the same by dialing the toll free number

Our second pillar is aimed at providing affordable therapy and counselling services. Our team of psychologists is headed by Ms. Kirti Garg. Our professionals are trauma informed therapists, queer affirmative therapists, clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists and provide professional help with variety of issues such as mental illnesses, relationship issues, grief, trauma, life transitions, depression, anxiety, stress, geriatric counselling, conflicts, work- life balance, to name a few. We have already catered to 2000+ clients. Help is easily available at The PsyK- Life with experts at affordable rates.

The third pillar is aimed at Internationally Accredited and premium quality certificate courses, diplomas, trainings and internships to Psychology students. We have already trained 2000+ students, budding psychologists and mental health professionals on various topics like Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Child Psychology, Forensics, Expressive Arts and more.

Our programs are experiential, hands on with practical learnings and implementations. Students and professionals have rated our trainings as exceptional and helpful.

Our fourth pillar is about building India’s First Mental Health Store. We believe that a concept like Mental Health Store is required to help people get into the practice of self care and wellness. We provide a variety of mental wellness products like self love notebooks, I choose self care box, Gratitude Journal, Keep Going Desk Frames, scented candles, Daily affirmation calendar, and more. You can check the same at our Shop.

Our store is available online. We also exhibit our products in various fests and events like Horn Ok Please, Boho Festival, Annual Fests of colleges, malls and more.

With the help of our four pillars, we are bringing a change and standing for the cause of Mental health.


Ms. Kirti Garg (She/Her) is a Psychologist, Mental Health Advocate, Speaker and Founder of The PsyK- Life. She is also working as an Assistant Professor. She is fond of her profession and has completed her Bachelors and Masters in Psychology from University of Delhi. She has also qualified the UGC- NET exam in her first attempt. Ms. Kirti has been actively engaged in raising mental health awareness, destigmatizing mental illnesses and making therapy affordable for all. She has been invited by various organizations, colleges, hospitals and NGOs to talk about mental health, therapy, emotional well-being, life skills and related issues.

She is a practicing psychologist and focuses on helping clients deal with various issues like anxiety, depression, life related stress, emotional difficulties, trauma, relationship issues to name a few . After doing intensive training, she uses the techniques of CBT, Mindfulness and Behaviour Therapy in her practice. She is also APA certified in COVID-19 and Mental Health and member of International Association of Therapists.

From more than four years, Ms. Kirti has been actively engaged in community service that includes conducting mental and emotional well-being sessions for children, providing trainings. diplomas, courses, internships to budding professionals, organizing mental health programs and skill development workshops for people of all age groups.

As a person, she resonates with the shades of human experiences and believes in celebrating small steps. She is hopeful to create a community that does not stigmatize mental illnesses and where people do not hesitate to reach out for help. She is a very enthusiastic person who is keen to learn and grow.

"I feel grateful to offer a safe space to my clients, to help them look at the ray of hope and support them through their journey of self growth. As a professional, I very well understand the importance that our mind and well-being holds in our lives. And I'm very proud of everyone who reaches out for help."