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The PsyK- Life is opening its doors to guest authors. We invite you to send in articles, experiences, poems, illustrations, etc. for us to share them as a valuable resource with the community!

You can share around the following topics:

  • Reviews of mental health books, wellness apps, movies and popular media that touches upon the theme of mental health
  • Your opinions around personal development and well-being
  • Articles around self care, parenting, relationships, disorders, therapy, trauma, etc.
  • Latest and interesting research findings around mental health and psychology
  • Your personal stories of healing and recovery from any mental health issue or concern
  • Your experience as a caregiver to a family member or a friend during difficult times
  • Coming out stories, experiences and journeys of the LGBTQ+ community members
  • Reviews on psychological concepts, experiments and trends
  • Any relevant article, experience, poems, illustrations around mental health and psychology.

Please check our Guidelines before sending in your guest post.

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