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Free Mental Health Screening by The PsyK- Life

In a world that never stops moving, taking a moment to prioritize your mental health is a powerful act of self-care. We're excited to share about our Free Online Mental Health Screening event, brought to you by The PsyK- Life.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, our team took a significant step towards promoting mental health and well-being. With a shared commitment to making a difference, we organized a free mental health screening event that aimed to raise awareness and provide support to those who needed it most.

We were overwhelmed by the response as a multitude of people from our community came forward to participate in this vital initiative. Your presence and engagement made this event a true success. Together, we created a safe space for open conversations about mental health, broke down the stigma, and encouraged everyone to prioritize their well-being.

As we reflect on this meaningful day, we're inspired by the impact we've collectively made. By taking proactive steps toward mental wellness, we're fostering a culture of support, empathy, and understanding. Let's continue this journey together, spreading awareness and creating a brighter, more mentally resilient world. Thank you for being a part of this important movement. 

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Mental Health Awareness Walk

We at The PsyK- Life are happy to share that in order to celebrate the World Mental Health Month, we along with our team of volunteers organised a Mental Health Awareness Walk and came together to burst myths, voice for change, raise awareness, advocate therapy and spread positivity.

Our team of 70+ volunteers started with the Mental Health Awareness Walk from Hansraj Hostel and walked till North Campus by voicing out loud various important messages like ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Body’, ‘Mard ko bhi Dard hota hai’, ‘My mental health, my priority’ and more.

A lot of activities were also organised to engage the audience, raise awareness, promote self love and positivity.

Positive affirmations were distributed to people walking around. Some people even mentioned on how badly they wanted to hear this and how it made their day.

A mirror compliment activity was done that encouraged people to compliment themselves by looking at the mirror.

A tree of joy helped everyone mention all the things and people that make them feel happy and grateful. This definitely did bring a smile on their faces.

Our most favorite part was the Fee Hugs which were offered to the helpers, e-rickshaw drivers, random strangers, the dog who stayed with us the walk, students and everyone around. A lot of positivity was spread through this simple gesture.

People were also asked random questions as a part of our MH Quiz to raise awareness and burst myths!

It was indeed a day full of positivity, love and standing up for a cause!