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New Year Resolutions: Are they really necessary?

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions- for our own growth, for stability, for self love or for something that involves change as the year changes. But, the majority of us also fail to achieve them or to stick to whatever we resolve to do. But, I think, making resolutions is still a good idea, because it involves plenty of positive effects, on our mind as well as our brain and body. 

New year resolutions represent optimism. Optimism towards the end of the current year and the upcoming 365 days as well. It cultivates hope in our minds and spirits that the coming year will be better than the past year and the sense of “I will make the coming year better” roots deep inside us. It helps us start with a new, clear slate of mind which is open to new experience, new learnings, New ideals, New values., etc. The New year resolutions help us be optimistic, hopeful and open minded towards the future.

Being honest with ourselves about “where are we, right now” and the distance to our preferred situation, that is, “where We want to reach this year” is a key to improvement and growth. And being intentional and pre-planning about how you want to grow and develop will help us gain the results and reach our goals that we have set. . This intentionality will also contribute to the happiness of contentment, satisfaction and fulfilment. When we are moving forward with clear direction, we contribute for the betterment to our emotional and mental health.

New year resolutions sometimes can be a sign of dedication. Regularity and consistency are needed to follow the resolutions that we make for the new year and for gaining their actual results. It helps build a sense of responsibility for our own actions in our minds. The new year resolution of any sort becomes a habit after it’s repeatedly performed for a certain period of days or Months. Then it is not necessarily called a resolution but because of dedication and consistency, the responsibility of performing certain things every day becomes like a habit. New Year’s resolutions are great ways to focus on yourself, but also considering the broader responsibility to expand and multiply our positive effects on other people like our families, friends, relatives and everyone around us. Directly or indirectly, we should feel responsible for the betterment of people around us, as a part of the society we live in. 

When we aim for betterment of ourselves, do better or contribute more fully, we directly or indirectly inspire others as well. The primary way people learn is through experiencing the behaviour of others. When we follow our new year’s resolution with dedication and with an optimistic attitude, people around us who see that dedication and efforts we are taking to make it happen, they get inspired and motivated to do such things and it will help them sort through things and come up with their own set of resolutions to follow. And the cycle of inspiration will go on and on. Even if we’re not consciously aware of it, we pick up on choices and cues from other people around us, constantly. When we focus on the future and focus on improvement, we necessarily inspire those around us. 

According to some research and studies, only 8% of people keep up with their new year resolutions and actually become successful in keeping  it going the whole 365 days. So, Striving to be in the minority of people who keep their New Year’s resolutions can also be one of the new year resolutions for 2k23, can’t it? . But know that even if we don’t keep every resolution whole 365 days, the act of making them, planning them out, reflecting on ourselves, our surroundings, our past life while making the list and striving toward those decided resolutions will have many many positive effects on us, our mental and emotional health and that of others, as well. 

Written by: Shriya

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